Mentalgassi is an artist collective working internationaly in the fields of photography and urban interventions. Their work transforms everyday objects into something unusual and creates surprising moments. The materials used normally are photography, paper and foil, scissors, glue and a relevant location to put.

“Mentalgassi’s artistic proposals are 100% urban, and through different techniques they interact with the street objects to create forms and shapes that make a passerby smile. They combine photography, image manipulation, sculpturing and street art; they manipulate photographs and expose them around the cities of Europe – creating a connection between the public and them.“
Milja Ficpatrik on


2022 Temporary Installation Charlotte International Arts Festival, Charlotte, USA
2022 Photoinstallations, Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany
2021 Temporary Installation Dlectricity, Detroit, USA
2021 Photoinstallations, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal
2021 Contribution The Crystal Ship Festival, Oostende, Begum
2020 Photoinstallations, Getxophoto 20, Getxo, Spain
2019 Photoinstallation, enter, Ms Artville, Hamburg, Germany
2019 Photoinstallations, Urban Art Biennale, World Cultural Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte, Germany
2018 Photoinstallation, free work, Brooklyn, New York, USA
2017 Contribution Lodz Photo Festival, Poland
2016 Contribution San Sebastiàn cultural capital 2016, Spain
2016 Cheap Street Art Festival, Bologna, Italy
2015 Photo Festival Belfast, Northern Ireland
2014 Collaboration «Pimp My Carroça», Photoinstallation, São Paulo, Brazil
2014 Photoinstallation Urbanartfestival, Winterthur, Switzerland
2014 Temporary Installation at Kulturforum for Young Euro Classic Festival, Berlin, Germany
2014 Temporary Installation German-Brazil Year, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014 Photoinstallation Amaphiko Academy, Soweto, Southafrica
2014 Contribution to Street Art Documentation «Vertical Conquests» Rom, Italy
2012 Group exhibition «Urban Masters» Opera Gallery, London, UK
2012 Photoinstallation, free work, Brooklyn, New York, USA
2012 Photoinstallation Image Festival, Vevey, Switzerland
2012 Photoinstallation Getxo Photo´12, Getxo, Spain
2012 Photoinstallation Goethe Institut Zagreb, Croatia
2012 Photoinstallation Katowice Streetart Festival´12, Katowice, Poland
2012 Group exhibition «Street Art - the new Generation» Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland
2011 Photoinstallation MUU Street Art Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2011 Temporary Installation «Public Intimacy» free work, Berlin, Germany
2011 Photoinstallation Getxo Photo´11, Getxo, Spain
2011 Exhibittion «Komma Klar» Sala B Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2010 collaboration Amnesty International «Troy Davis», London, UK
2010 Photoinstallation Getxo Photo´10, Getxo, Spanien
2008 Photoinstallation ART RMX, Cologne, Germany
2008 Group exhibition «hello my name is» GRASSI - Museum, Leipzig, Germany
2006 Formation Mentalgassi Collectiv